About Apsis Systems

Apsis Systems is a privately-held limited liability company that specializes in Chiropractic Documentation.  Our flagship product, ChiroScribe, inherited its design and underlying architecture from the well-known ProSoft EMR System.  ChiroScribe is the most comprehensive Chiropractic EMR software; it has been helping Chiropractors stay compliant and profitable within their practice for over 10 years. 

Over 800 copies of ChiroScribe have been sold and used by patient focused chiropractors.  Our chiropractors are given peace of mind, given the ability to maximize reimbursements, all while focusing on what is most important to them: the patient.  

ChiroScribe users have access to the most comprehensive chiropractic musculoskeletal exams that auto generate confirmatory exams, primary and secondary objective problems with ICD-10 codes.  Additionally, ChiroScribe gives our chiropractors real-time, dynamic treatment plans based on positive exam findings. As the only system with detailed benchmarking and goal-based tracking, ChiroScribe is the most compliant chiropractic EMR on the market.

The ProSoft EMR System was initially released to in 2004.  This released received an enthusiastic response within the Chiropractic Industry and attracted a number of devoted users.  The ProSoft EMR System had gone under three more release updates before Apsis Systems took over its development in September 2012.

In June 2013, Apsis Systems released ChiroScribe version 7.0 to an immediate positive response from the user community.  This was due in part to the fact that ChiroScribe System includes ICD-10 billing codes, goals-based tracking, and other documentation enhancements to remain on the cutting edge of industry documentation standards. 

ChiroScribe 7.0 is a streamlined touch screen system designed to build detailed documentation in support of medical necessity.  It intuitively follows the thought process of the Chiropractor in real-time to think and work the way they do.  As a result, our system requires minimal training, while also having extensive customization capabilities for the most unique practice situations.

With the release of our web-based solution ChiroScribe Web 7.1 in March 2014, we remain the technology leaders within our industry.  Our users can now run ChiroScribe 7.1 on any device whether it be an iPad, smart phone, tablet, or Apple Computer.  Chiropractors receive a simple and fast set-up of ChiroScribe Web 7.1 without any on-site infrastructure expense and capital investment. Additionally, our web-based solution eliminates the hassle of hardware upgrades, and simplifies the process of receiving ChiroScribe updates and customizations.  

Most of all, with a web-based solution, are users are given increased data security, disaster recovery and business continuity. Our Chriopractors are freed from concerning themselves over the IT infrastructure and can put their focus on what is most important to them: the patient.

In May 2014, we released ChiroScribe version 7.2.  This version includes ICD-10 updates, PART analysis screen, enhanced wellness screens for cash-based practices, revised and reformatted screens for ease of use, customized goal features, revised treatment lists, and enhanced daily soap notes.