Why Web-Based?

Connect your office to the web and focus on what really matters to you: the patient.

Our web-based ChiroScribe v7.2 simplifies technology management for the growing and starting out practices. We have heard the same song many times from all kinds of Chiropractors and goes something like this:

Managing my IT infrastructure is a headache! Spending time researching and making decisions on server hardware and upgrades takes valuable time away from the patient.

Web-based ChiroScribe v7.2 is a Game Changer for Chiropractors, especially for those offices with one or more of the following:

  • Multiple Office Locations
  • Satellite Employees and/or Employees that Remote-in from Home
  • Mobile Employees (i.e. employees that work on laptops, tablets, and/or smartphones)
  • End of Life Equipment (e.g. servers older than seven years, outdated workstations, low on data storage)
  • Growing practice
  • Experienced significant downtime event due to technology
  • Concerned about Patient Data Security
  • Concerned about Disasters (natural and man-made)

Utilizing industry’s best-of-breed cloud technology, ChiroScribe v7.2 is hosted on a Citrix XenApp platform. We deliver ChiroScribe v7.2 through a full Windows-based virtual desktop, laying the groundwork for future growth of EMR modules and office-related applications.

With a web-based solution, we provide ChiroScribe v7.2 on-demand and can scale to as many users as you need when you need them from any device (i.e. desktop personal computer, laptop, and/or mobile device). It is a simply delivery of ChiroScribe to your iPads and Android tablets.

The Benefits

  • Cloud Mobility with Access from Any Device
  • Centralized Management and Control – Apsis Systems fully manages the EMR database, including backup services, server-based updates, and ChiroScribe updates
  • Increased Data Security
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Reduced Technology Management – Apsis Systems eliminates server hardware maintenance, upgrades, and IT server administration related costs
  • Consistent User Experience
  • Simple and Fast Set-up without On-site Infrastructure Expense and Costly IT Support Services
  • No Capital Investment with Added Scalability for Business Growth

As a web-based EMR solution, Apsis Systems simplifies your IT management with secure access to your patient notes from any device, anywhere and anytime.