Release Information

September 11, 2015

Apsis Systems announces the release of ICD-10 updates for ProSoft, now called ChiroScribe v. 7.3. The updates will help users by auto-generating ICD-10 codes to the highest levels of specificity ...

Monday May 8, 2014

Apsis Systems announces the successful completion of the latest version of ProSoft, now called ChiroScribe version 7.2 ...

Monday March 24, 2014

Apsis Chiroscribe v7.1 (formerly ProSoft) helps clients by offering web-based, cloud solution ...

Our Mission

We strive to make documentation an asset for your practice, not a problem, and help you overcome your daily technology frustrations.

Why ChiroScribe?


I am dedicated to helping Chiropractors create more successful businesses. Our team is committed to bringing you better and easier way to documentation. We do this by giving one-on-one live sessions, teaching the true principles of documentation through ChiroScribe.

~ Dr. Rob Cadwallader, Director of Training