Our Mission

We strive to make documentation an asset for your practice, not a problem, and help you overcome your daily technology frustrations.

Our Approach

Since the beginning, ChiroScribe has been designed from both the Chiropractor and Documentation Specialist’s point of view. As a result, the foundations and basic building blocks of our software is based on an intuitive graphical user interface. Our graphical use interface flows in a left to right, top to bottom nature. This workflow provides our Chiropractors with quick, easy, template-free patient encounter documentation and treatment plans, following the thought process of the practitioner in real time. ChiroScribe allows our users to maximize reimbursements for services delivered with ease and efficiency.

Our mission is to make documentation an asset for your practice, not a problem, and help you overcome your daily technology frustrations. Therefore, we have adopted a three step software development approach: people, process, and technology. 

First, we communicate with Chiropractors, Office Managers, and Documentation Specialists on a daily basis to understand your documentation needs and technology frustrations. We solicit continual feedback on our software solution from users like yourself, living and breathing the documentation system day in and day out.

From there, we collaborate with a team of documentation, billing, and coding subject matter experts. We do this to ensure that all software design solutions align with the industry standards. This is where process plays a key role in our software development. Every change and enhancement to ChiroScribe is put through a rigorous review process. These functional modifications must complement our users thought process, meet our users workflow requirements and needs, align with documentation standards, and be easy to use.

Finally, we look to technology to enrich our Chiropractors’ practices and enable them to focus on what’s most important: the patient. This is why we implemented a web-based software solution, that is secure, scalable, and adaptable to your office’s needs.