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General ChiroScribe FAQs 

Web-Based ChiroScribe FAQs 

How will adopting ChiroScribe as my EMR improve my ability to care for patients?

ChiroScribe frees up your time to build a relationship with your patients and focus on their care. The software has an intuitive flow and auto-generates text to create comprehensive notes without the need to type. It allows users to quickly and easily create detailed patient records with a focus on documentation compliance.

The software can also help you with clinical decision making by improving the accuracy of your exam findings through its comprehensive chiropractic musculoskeletal exams. ChiroScribe auto-generates primary and secondary objective problems with ICD 9 & 10 codes, confirmatory exams, and indicated diagnostic tests in the same manner as taught in medical textbooks.

ChiroScribe enhances patient care and communication with dynamic treatment plans and detailed condition and goal tracking. With more comprehensive health information at your fingertips, you can make better testing, diagnostic, and treatment decisions.


How is ChiroScribe different from other EMRs?

ChiroScribe is one of the few EMRs that is specific for chiropractors, and it is the only EMR with detailed benchmarking and goal-based tracking of subjective complaints and primary objective problems. It is head and shoulders the most compliant documentation system available to chiropractors.


Is ChiroScribe Customizable?

Yes. Most aspects of ChiroScribe, such as exams and treatment lists, can be customized upon request.


Is my speech-to-text software compatible?

Yes. While ChiroScribe requires little or no typing to use, it is compatible with Dragon and most other speech-to-text software.


What types of notes does ChiroScribe generate?

  • New Patient Visits / Treatment plans
  • Daily SOAP notes
  • Re-Evaluation
  • Exacerbation
  • Discharge Summary
  • Wellness notes
  • Non-visit notes
  • Please see our virtual tour for more details.


Can I attach other documents to my chart items in the program?

Yes. You can attached a variety of outside images and documents to patient chart items.


Is ChiroScribe the right choice for my claims based practice?

Yes. ChiroScribe is designed to assist users in substantiating medical necessity. Its detailed exam findings and condition and goal tracking make it the most comprehensive and compliant EMR system available.


Is ChiroScribe right for my cash based practice?

ChiroScribe is designed primarily for offices with greater documentation needs, but its comprehensive chiropractic musculoskeletal exams and dynamic treatment plans are beneficial for all users. ChiroScribe also has a streamlined wellness note for treatment of patient that do not require substantiation of medical necessity.


Does ChiroScibe have a billing system?

No. ChiroScibe is currently focused on remaining the best of breed in documentation. There are many free or low costs billing systems available to chiropractors.


Does ChiroScribe have ICD 10 codes?

Yes. ChiroScribe has both ICD 9 and ICD 10 billable codes associated with primary and secondary objective problems.


What devices can ChiroScribe run on?

ChiroScribe Web can run on any device from any location with internet access. For example, it can run on desktops, laptops, tablets, and apple devices such as iPads. The non-web version of ChiroScribe can be used on all windows based devices. See system requirements for more details.


What are the technical requirements for my office if I want to run ChiroScribe from my own on-site server?

Please refer to system requirements for a detailed list.


What is Apsis Systems’ relation to ProSolutions?

Apsis Systems has no relation whatsoever to ProSolutions or its former owner or employees. Apsis acquired ProSoft from ProSolution’s bankruptcy creditors in August 2012.


How is my data protected?

All hosting is done in a SSAE-16 Certified datacenter which has also met HIPPA compliance standards. Data is stored on a highly available SAN with daily back-ups to a separate SAN storage device compared to a single server with a single drive that could fail. All back-up is on high speed disk and no tapes are used in our back-up compared to most small office tape or web based back-up services.

The datacenter has a 24x7 guard, keycard access to the building, keycard and biometric to the datacenter floor and locked computer cabinets. There is redundant power to the racks, generator back-up, and dual power supplies on all servers.


With ChiroScribe being housed in the cloud, what if a server goes down?

ChiroScribe is partnered with an outside cloud server hosting company that has been in business now for 31 years. All of their hosting is done on clusters of highly available servers which means a server can fail or be taken offline without affecting the hosted virtual server.


What are the up time percentages?

Our cloud host provides a 99.9 uptime SLA.


What is the connectivity speed to the virtual software?

There is over 30GB of Internet bandwidth coming into the data center from 6 providers that are load balanced to provide high availability and fastest path to the client.


Why should I pay a monthly fee for ChiroScribe Web when my IT person told me that a server could be set up for a cost of $3,000 to $4,000?

Your IT person’s estimate does not include the server operating system costs, the cost of Microsoft SQL license, the cost of server maintenance, your IT person’s costs, the cost of networking, the responsibility of backups, and the cost of downtime commonly associated with small in-house servers.

The average monthly cost of an in-house server is between $382.12 and $957.12. Compared with ChiroScribe web, which has a cost of only $175 to $256.25 per month. Please see our cost analysis for more details.